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Best of Show Award at UICA 2008

Nona’s jewelry has previously been displayed in both the Cascade and The Grand galleries in Grand Rapids, MI.   Her work had been displayed in Grand Rapids’ annual Festival of the Arts Regional Art Exhibit for approximately 12 of the last 25 years. Ever since early in high school, Nona has enjoyed being active in the local and regional art communities.

Nona’s Artist Statement

Artistic Philosophy:
"I feel that everyone needs Art in his/her life. Without creativity, our existence would be dull, boring, and sterile. Art is everywhere we look and is most beautifully demonstrated by our Maker. I often represent nature and the human form in my artwork because God’s designs are perfect.
Jewelry is wearable sculpture. When I share my ideas in my custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, I am striving to express some of the splendor of our universe. I want to share beauty and harmony with others in my jewelry creations. I hope you will feel happiness, love, and security as you view and wear Nona Custom Jewelry."

Nona Mae Bushman
1549 Mulligan Dr. SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
(616) 538-8158
(616) 250-0277 (cell)

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